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The Love of Pets

February 26th, 2016

For me, there is nothing like the unconditional love of pets.   They can sense when we are not feeling well, they are a source of unconditional love and joy, plus even when they are being naughty- they are the most loyal of friends. IMG_0386  It never fails that if we come in from being gone somewhere that Mister M will meet us at the door with a quick brush against our legs, and immediately JJ begins to bark and wag his tail.        He can’t wait to get out of his crate, grab his favorite red rubber bone and run around the house happily.

They can brighten the darkest of days.

Recently, I received a package from iHerb for some Bob’s Red Mill products that I’d ordered, and after opening the box, I sat it down beside me on the sofa.   Within seconds Mister M. jumped into the box (What cat doesn’t love boxes or bags?),  and JJ ran to see what was going on.

I was lucky enough to be able to capture a rare moment between the two of them- of JJ doing what he does best, herding and ‘trying’ to keep Mister in line, and Mister M. attempting to lounge peacefully from the comforts of a box that I was convinced was too small for him to lay down in.    IMG_0220Within seconds of that photo being taken, JJ started barking and Mister M. fled from the box.   Of course, JJ took that as his cue to pounce on top of Mister M. and grab him by the fur.   I stopped him just short of him pulling Mister M. across the floor and using him as a dust mop.   Something he’s been known to do.

Mister M. is oddly tolerant of JJ’s antics for the most part-   until he decides enough-is-enough, and then all bets are off, usually resulting in tufts of cat hair floating through the air.

Despite their antics- I can’t imagine life without them.    They make me laugh every day- and I know that their love and loyalty is something I can always count on.

Man Cold

November 8th, 2010

I was watching Dr. Phil and they showed this clip and I just had to find it on You Tube. I know that I’m pretty whiney when I’m sick, but Marcel takes the cake. Then again, I think all men become little babies when they’re sick, and this confirms that I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Marcel said it’s dumb, but then again- he’s of the male species. I can’t expect him to relate it to himself now can I?

Eat Your Carrots

October 13th, 2010

Eat your carrots is one of those things that you always hear parents saying to their kids on television shows, and probably one of those things that my parents said to my brother and I while growing up.   I don’t really remember them ever saying that, but I do remember things like “Eat your squash” and “Eat your okra and tomatoes”, both of which I never wanted to eat.    I didn’t think either one of them were tasty, although now my tastes have changed and I actually love squash in pretty much any fashion.  Okra on the other hand, I’ll only eat fried.  You won’t catch me eating stewed okra and tomatoes to this day.  The mere thought turns my stomach, but I digress.

Yesterday I was whipping up something in the kitchen when I turned and saw a couple of carrots that I had left over from last weekend’s Cauliflower Soup on “Soup Saturday’.   On a whim, I peeled it, chopped off the ends and gave it to JJ.  I really didn’t think he’d do anything with it, but you would have thought I’d just given him the golden ticket that would get him into WonkaLand because he grabbed that carrot between his teeth and he ran all over the house with it.    I was then scared he was going to try to swallow the entire carrot whole out of greed that someone would steal it, so I tried to get it from him.    He saw this as me trying to ‘steal’ his prize and off he ran.    I did catch him- and managed to get the carrot out of his mouth and chopped up into pieces before giving it back to him.    He ate the entire thing.   It was hilarious.

A little while ago I was cooking dinner and he started whining.  I wondered if it was the carrot he wanted, so I peeled another small one, chopped it into four pieces and made him lie down.   Sure enough- that’s exactly what he wanted and he gobbled it right up, enjoying every crunchy bite.   I  think there’s a possibility that I’ve become one of ‘those’ pet owners who think the little things their pets do are just too precious for words.    I also made a video of him eating the carrot yesterday- and I’ll share it as soon as I get it edited and uploaded.


August 10th, 2010

A few days ago I was at the grocery store and I noticed that one of the sales people had left one of their POS systems on the shelf. I assume they were using it for ordering products and got called away. It was lying on the shelf alone and I couldn’t help but pick it up and have a look. Granted, I’m not that familiar with them, so I didn’t know what I was looking at, but I was tempted to try to use it, or even hide it behind some of the canned goods just so they’d have to look for it. I didn’t do it, but I did think about it. Next time- I’m not so sure I won’t let my mischievous side show. What would you have done?

Funny Birthday’s

July 8th, 2010

One of my dearest friends had a birthday on the 6th. I emailed her the day before her birthday to let her know that her gift would be arriving late. It was scheduled to be delivered the day after. On the morning of her birthday, she got up and her husband told her that her gift would be a little late and she said ok. She got ready for work and her daughters told her that their gift was going to be late. Again, she thought- ok. She drove to work, and one of her colleagues said that her gift would be a little late. She didn’t mind, because she isn’t a child anticipating gifts, but she found it odd that everything was late.. I would have as well. Oh, and somewhere in there here sister also called and said that her gift would also be late.

She arrived home to find a beautiful cake and everyone singing happy birthday to her. Even her sister and their family had Skyped in to wish her a great day. It was sweet. The girls went ahead and gave her the card they’d bought for her, and she noticed a box. They said it had came that day but they weren’t sure who it was from, other than that it was from Coach. She opened it and saw on the invoice that it was from me.

She opened the box, and inside was a card that read- “Happy 30th Birthday Mary”. She had no idea what to think. She knew it was from me, and everyone thought it was a joke. I wasn’t around for her to be able to call me, so she called my mom. The following morning, I saw that she’d left a message on my Facebook and mentioned that she and Mary had a great birthday. I had NO idea what she was talking about, so I called her. That’s when she told me the story, which was hilarious.

I did call Coach to let them know that the card was mixed up and they apologized.
The day after her birthday she received a gift from her sister, which was chocolate covered strawberries from Shari’s Berries. I had those same berries in my shopping cart to order them for Samantha and changed my mind. Ironically, her sister almost ordered her a gift card from Coach like the one I did get her. She suggested we talk before Christmas, and I think she’s right.

Redneck Smoke Alarm

April 27th, 2010

I receive what seems to be a gazillion jokes every day via email, but rarely do I find that I want to share them with the masses.   Don’t get me wrong, I do get some really funny ones, but I usually have something else to ramble about so the jokes don’t make the ‘cut’.

This morning’s email from my brother is the exception.   This IS the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while-   It’s simply entitled Redneck Smoke Alarm.  If you can’t see what the picture is-  it’s a container of ‘Jiffy Pop’ popcorn hanging on the wall.    I guess if there’s a fire the sound of the popcorn popping will surely wake you up if you’re snoozing, and while you’re on the way out the door, you can grab it from the wall and enjoy some fresh popcorn.

Please know that I’m not making fun of homes going up in flames or anything of the like. I know that’s serious and tragic.  I’m also not making fun of rednecks, although you have to admit this is pretty funny, and when I saw it, I actually thought about walking into someones home and seeing that hanging on the wall and how I don’t think I’d be able to contain my laughter, even though it would risk offending someone.

Come on-  You know you want to laugh-  I did!   I don’t know whose home this is in, nor do I know who this picture belongs to, so I can’t give them credit, but thanks bro. for making me laugh.

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