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Results from Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Giveaway!

May 8th, 2012

As promised- I paid a trip to to input the amount of entries for the giveaway (there were only three of you) and you can see from the photo to your right who the winner is..    I gave each entry a number- as they entered and the winner was number 3- and that’s YOU, Scott!   If you see this- will you send me your mailing address so that I can send it on to the people at Rubbermaid and they can get your Hidden Recycler in the mail.     I’ll also send you a message in the meantime- to make sure you know you’ve won!


Thanks so much to the wonderful people at Rubbermaid for sponsoring this giveaway.  I’m already thinking about the next giveaway and what I want to do.   So watch this space!

Drumroll Please (Winners for Toll House Giveaway)

November 28th, 2010

I gave everyone a number who was eligible to participate in the contest (starting with the first entry) and working my way down.   There were 16 entries- and since we had one referral- that person got an extra entry making it 17 entries. chose the sequence of numbers and the winners are:   Bethany, Nicole Lynn and Katie.     I’ll be sending your goodies to you sometime this week (provided  I have your address before I head out on the cruise on Saturday).

I REALLY appreciate everyone who entered, so if y’all will send me your addresses, I’ll also send you a coupon for a bag of Toll House Morsels.   For those of you who are on my Facebook page- you can contact me there, or email me at lori in care of this site ( with your address.   

In the meantime- I’ll try to email all of you to let you know, in case you don’t get back to this space.

Thank you ALL for participating and Congrats to the winners.   I hope that the holidays are very bright for ALL of you.

Feeling Better

November 27th, 2010

I spent several hours sleeping off the Midnight Madness shopping spree after getting home at 6 a.m. on Friday morning. I was feeling the effects of still not being 100% well, but today I’m feeling much, much better.

We’ve got a group coming over today for a little wiener roast and to hang out. It should prove to be lots of fun. One week from today we’ll be heading out into the deep blue sea for our cruise, and I’m ready.

Gotta dash- Gotta get my makeup on before everyone gets here.

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?

PS. Don’t forget that today is the last day to register to win one of the goodie baskets I’m giving away. Click here for details and to enter.

Still Time to Enter Holiday Giveaway

November 24th, 2010

I don’t know if all of you have seen it- but I’ve teamed up with the great people at Nestle’s and am giving away not one, but three goodie baskets. There is still time to enter (until Saturday)- so enter and share it with your friends. If your friends mention in their entry that they heard it from you- then YOU will be entered twice.

You can find all the details by clicking here. Happy Thanksgiving and happy baking.

Hattiesburg Bound

November 20th, 2010

Today Marcel and I are heading about an hour North with Tommy and Samantha to the USM college campus. The twins go to school there so we’re going to see them. We’re also going to watch USM play whoever it is they are playing today. We have amazing seats, plus it will be Marcel’s first college football experience.

I can’t wait to see the girls, but I also can’t wait to see how much the campus has changed since I went to school there- oh so many years ago. We’re leaving at 11, but the game doesn’t start until 6, giving us plenty of tailgating time. That will be a first for me. I’m not a fan of football- in fact none of us are, but I have no doubt we’ll have a blast.

Don’t forget to enter the Nestle Baking Holiday Give Away that you can find in a previous entry- along with all the rules. I’ll be giving away 3 baking baskets, so don’t forget to enter and share with your friends.

Toll House Holiday Giveaway

November 19th, 2010

I mentioned about a week ago that the great people at Nestle and I had teamed up and that I would be offering a goodie basket filled with items to make your holidays a little sweeter.

To your left you’ll see one of the three goodie baskets that I’ll be giving away on this site.   Before I get to the rules, I’ll share what you’ll be receiving.  

5 packages of Nestle Toll House morsels (of your choice)

1 Christmas kitchen towel

Gift bags to share your creations with others

A package of cupcake cups

Several recipes with ideas on how you could use your morsels

Ok-  Now, here’s the rules.

  1. The contest will begin today (November 19th) and run through Saturday, November 27th.  (Winners will be announced on November 28th)
  2. The three winners must be willing to provide me via email your mailing address so that you can recieve the goodies.
  3. To enter- leave a comment (which will includ a valid email address entered upon adding a comment) and let me know that you’d like to enter to win.  That’s easy enough, right?
  4. Winners will be drawn at random via on November 28 and announced the same day.
  5. Contest valid to those living in the United States only. 
  6. Be sure to share the link with you friends and if THEY comment that you sent them, you will receive an extra entry, which means added chances to win.

Once the winners are announced, I’ll be contacting them for their personal information and will send the packages out the following Monday or Tuesday. 

I hope this will help make your holiday season a little brighter, and since I personally believe this IS a season of giving, I also challenge you ALL to do something to make someone elses day or holiday season a little brighter.  Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most.

In case some of you are wondering- this is not a paid advertisement from Nestle, nor am I affiliated with Toll House.  It’s just something that I wanted to do and they were generous enough to join in and help make it possible.   So to the people of Nestle, I thank you.

Toll House Giveaway information Coming TODAY

November 18th, 2010

I mentioned earlier in the week how I was teaming up with the great folks at Nestle and that I was going to be giving away a basket with goodies to help with your holiday baking.

At the time I wrote the entry, I wasn’t sure how it would all come together because I didn’t have the goodies that Nestle had sent me, but now that I do, I’m happy to report that I’ll be giving away THREE instead of one.

Watch this space later today for all the information (including a picture of what you’ll be receiving) and how you need to enter!

The give away will run through the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the drawing made on Sunday. I’ll then try to get everything shipped by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Watch this space for more details coming soon!

Holiday Giveaway

November 9th, 2010

A while back I mentioned that I was in the mood to give something away on my blog. I hoped to have something to give away to make someone’s holidays a little brighter, but at the time I wasn’t sure what that ‘something’ would be.   That time has come and the details will be forthcoming, but I couldn’t help but share a little with y’all now.

I have teamed up with the folks at Nestle who have so graciously agreed to provide me with some goodies to make your holidays a little brighter.    I’m going to be giving away a goodie box filled with Nestle products, along with a few recipes to help with your holiday baking.    The contest will be open to US residents and the winners will be chosen at random from

Since this is my first give away- I’m pretty excited about it, and since I’m a huge fan of Nestle, Toll House AND the holidays- I can’t imagine a sweeter opportunity. 

Check this space for more details on November 18.   Then I should be able to tell you exactly WHAT will be in the gift box.   Remember that in order to win, you have to be willing to provide ME with a home mailing address.    Tell your friends, and keep watching this space for details and in the meantime, check out Very Best Baking for some great recipe ideas. I’ve already got my eye on a few ideas for things I’ll be making during the holiday season.

Feel free to share this with your friends- after all the more the merrier!

Today at a Glance

August 10th, 2010

I have so much going on that I’d like to write about, but I still have a few emails to respond to, plus I need to get to bed at some sort of decent time. I did make it to the funeral yesterday, and quite truthfully- it wiped me out. My better judgement told me not to go, but I couldn’t get over the feeling that I couldn’t send Marcel alone- so I went. It has affected me deeply on levels that are difficult for me to describe.

Tomorrow is a new day though, and I’m hoping it will be a good one. In spite of feeling as though I’ve been hit by a truck- my day was a good one. It brought me a day surrounded by good friends and that’s always a blessing.

In other unrelated news- I’m planning to give some stuff away in some random drawings as the holidays draw nearer. I’ve got some ideas, but if anyone wants to get some free advertising- I’d be happy to give away some of YOUR products to a lucky winner. Of course, you’ll have to send something to me too, because I can’t give away something I don’t personally endorse, but it will be fun.

So, if you’d like to get in on the upcoming give away’s and would like me to help get the word out about a new product- drop me a note at lori in care of this website ( and we’ll see what we can cook up together. I’ve already got a few ideas of my own, and I’m looking forward to sharing them as the holiday’s get closer.

Watch this space for more details.

Still Thinking and Looking for Contest Ideas

May 27th, 2010

I mentioned a week or so ago that Iwas thinking about having a contest in this space because I feel like giving something away.   I’m still planning to do that, but I’m also still trying to think about what sort of contest to have, and ultimately, what the prize will be.

Does anyone out there have any ideas?   Do you have a prize that you’d like to give away and draw traffic to your company or website? If so, then we should talk, so drop me an email.

In the meantime, I’m going to put on my thinking cap and see what I can come up with, and I’d love to hear your ideas as well.   I’ve been thinking about an gift certificate, but it’s still in the thinking stages.

You tell ME what You’d like to see.

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