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5 O’ Clock Friday’s Submission

August 21st, 2011

This past Friday mom sent me this picture for her 5 O’ Clock Friday’s submission.   As you can see- when Friday rolled around she was picking up a pizza for her and diddy for dinner.

Ironically- after seeing that Domino’s ad, I started craving pizza.   Marcel and I rarely eat pizza-  In fact, we’ve ordered pizza once this year and the other times we’ve had pizza, it has been the zucchini crust pizza that I make..  but this time I wanted Domino’s, so yesterday afternoon, after spending a wonderful afternoon in the company of friends, we ordered pizza- and I indulged.   In fact- I over indulged.. but it was so good.     Two hours later I felt like  balloon was expanding in my stomach.   I guess that’s one of the reasons why I never eat pizza but boy was it good when I ate it.

As far as my own 5 O’ Clock Friday’s submisison- there isn’t one.   I completely forgot about it- and when 5 rolled around I was getting a cupcake order ready to deliver and taking another order that I needed to have done for today.    All while trying to have dinner early so I could get away for a Haunted Walking tour of a nearby city-    It was a busy day to say the least.

Maybe I’ll get one next week!

5 O’ Clock Friday’s Submission

August 8th, 2011

Mom’s 5 O’ Clock Friday’s submission is a little late, but not to any fault of hers.  She sent it to me on Friday and I am just now getting around to posting this.

As you can see- this is a little tree.  The name slips my mind at the moment, but there is a story behind it.   You see, my diddy sent me this picture series of this really cool tree that bares fruit not on the branches, but on the trunk.  He made a joke and said something about wanting one for Christmas.  He wasn’t serious- but I decided to try and find him one.

I did a search, and after much resesarch- I found one for sale at a nursery in Puerto Rico.  I emailed back and forth with the owner and within no time it was being shipped to mom and diddy’s home in the Deep South.   I figured that since this plant originated in the jungles somewhere-   that it should do somewhat well in the heat and humidity of Southern Mississippi.    

Weeks later it arrived- and it was looking pretty worse for wear.  They had packaged it well, and we left right after that for our Mexican cruise and even though diddy had re-potted it, we weren’t sure it would survive the winter.

I had been meaning to ask mom how it was doing- and the other day I finally did.   She sent me a picture of the plant, and as you can see- it’s doing quite well.

5 O’ Clock Friday’s

August 5th, 2011

I can’t believe it- but I actually remembered 5 O’ Clock Friday’s this week- in spite of being extremely busy and trying to scratch off a few things from my ‘to do’ list- 

It was a quick shot- but I ran outside and took a picture of this little flower (which is tiny) with the iPhone- because it was handy.  

When I look at these little purple flowers (which are the size of a dime), I can’t help but smile.  They are technically a Spring flower and I bought them as a little plant back then.  I kept them inside- and the entire plant died.   I’m not sure what happened but the only thing left to salvage (or so I thought) was the ivy growing in the pot with this little plant, so I set it outside and gave it water to keep the ivy alive.

About a month later- I noticed a little green sprig in the spot where the plant once was, and over time it grew into another plant-  It’s now covered in blooms and the persistance paid off.   It’s a lesson to me- that no matter how grim things may look that if I keep trying- that I will reach my goals.

Happy Friday!  If you’d like to send a photo in for 5 O’ Clock Friday’s – send it to lori in care of this site ( and I’ll share it here.

5 O’ Clock Friday’s Submission

July 17th, 2011

This is one of many pictures that mom took around 5 on Friday of the sky.   The colors mixed with the clouds were something she’d never seen before, so she pulled over and stood outside with her Blackberry and took picture after picture.    The sky changed with each moment and she said it was something brilliant to see.

She wished that she had her regular camera with her at the time- but she didn’t, so made due.   She found out since, that these little beauties are called sun dogs, which I happen to find to be a cute name. 

Thanks mom for sharing it with me so that I could share with everyone else.

This week was a really busy one for me- so I forgot my own 5 O’ Clock Friday’s submission.    I’ve actually been thinking about retiring the 5 O’ Clock Friday’s and starting a new photo project- but I haven’t decided for sure yet.  I’ll keep y’all posted on what I decide.

In the meantime- if you’d like to participate- let me know and I’ll share your picture here-  Send it to me via email to lori in care of this site ( or you can post it on your blog and I’ll link you from here.   It should be taken on or around five on Friday’s and the subject matter is up to you.

5 O’ Clock Friday’s Submission

July 10th, 2011

Mom sent me this picture at 5 on Friday- but I’m just getting the opportunity to share it with y’all.    As you can see from the picture-she took it from inside of the car and there were some pretty scary clouds overhead at the time and some much needed raindrops on the window. 

I do hope the dark clouds produced more than a few drops of rain, since I know that the Deep South is in definite need of a few good showers.

5 O’ Clock Friday’s

July 8th, 2011

 This week has flown by with warp speed and tomorrow is my ‘pre’ birthday dinner with Hein and Desere.  It’s an annual tradition- something that we started probably around the time I turned 40, maybe even before that since I can think of more than four restaurants that we’ve eaten at over the years around my birthday, so I can’t exactly remember where the tradition started, but I digress.

Tonight- dinner will be cooked and served by none other than yours truely and this weeks 5 O’ Clock Friday’s shot is a quick one that I took with my iPhone of the seeds in the peppers that I’m going to sautee with mushrooms and add to some herbed quinoa salted with smoked sea salt from Denmark. 

I love the way bell pepper seeds look and even though the lighting wasn’t perfect and it was a quick shot- I liked the way it looked.

Dinner won’t happen til 7 tonight- since Marcel is snoozing and has to work.  I’m looking forward to a nice, quiet evening at home.

5 O’ Clock Friday’s Submission

July 3rd, 2011

  Friday evening had mom, diddy, my brother and nephew headed to the ball park.    They went to watch the All-Stars team that my nephew would have played on, had he chosen to play All-Stars this summer.   Instead, he decided he wanted to skip playing this year, and he did just that.     I think he may regret it, because mom thought that once he saw what he was missing out on that he was wishing he was out there with his team.

There’s always next year.

5 O’ Clock Friday’s Submission

July 3rd, 2011

I think this was the week for blue skies and sunshine- since several of our 5 O’ Clock Friday’s pictures reflected just that this week.    It’s a day of smiles and sunshine AND the kick-off to the seventh month of the year AND my birthday month (just sayin’).  

I love this picture that my friend and sometimes partner in mischief, Kimmie shared with me. She lives several hours away, so this picture made me feel as though I was almost hanging out with her.

If you’ve never checked out her blog- that I have to wonder what you are waiting on. She’s one of the most talented people I know- and well, she’s just awesome. Go check her out!

5 O’ Clock Friday’s Submission

July 1st, 2011

This is a shot that diddy took for 5 O’ Clock Friday’s.   I do hope he was stopped while taking this picture- but it was one of those cases where I thought it may be better NOT to know-     I do happen to love it though-   I love the blue skies- and also how it reflects in the rear view mirror and that I can see his hand (and his phone) while he takes the picture.      In fact- now that I think about it- I’m not sure how he did that- but I do love it. 

Thanks diddy for sharing your masterpiece not only with me- but with the world.   I love you!

5 O’ Clock Friday’s

July 1st, 2011

This week in 5 O’ Clock Friday’s my subject is none other than Marcel.    He was reading the paper (something he does often when we are out and about at a restaurant)  and I took the opportunity to grab a quick shot of him.   

It’s the first day of July and Hein’s Birthday (in addition to being Canada Day and the birthday of several other people I know), and we’re headed out to dinner for a little birthday celebration.  I’m looking forward to it-  Friends, Fun AND I don’t have to cook.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

If you’d like to participate in 5 O’ Clock Friday’s- it’s pretty simple.    Take a photo on or around 5 (either a.m. or p.m.) on Friday and send it my way via email to lori in care of this site ( and I’ll share it here for all to see, or if you’re a blogger- feel free to post it on your own blog and let me know so I can link to it from here (and also so I can come check it out).  It’s as simple as that!

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