April 20th, 2010

Most of you who read this space, have probably heard me mention my friend Desere. Some of you even have the pleasure of knowing her personally. For the past several weeks she’s been having pain and discomfort that has progressively gotten worse. Tomorrow, she was supposed to go in for an ultra sound, but last night the pain got so bad that she ended up at the hospital. They sent her home with morphine, but this morning she decided to go back.

They’ve now done the ultra sound and determined that it’s definitely gall stones, (which is what they thought it was) and they decided to keep her in the hospital. They’ll be doing the surgery either today or tomorrow morning, depending on when a free spot comes available in surgery and doctors schedule.

Please keep her in your prayers that all comes out ok. She went through a near death experience when she had surgery in 2008, and the thought of having surgery again is very scary to her. It’s understandable. I really appreciate it and I know she will too. I’ll keep y’all posted on her progress. Marcel and I are going to see her tonight for visiting hours.

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