Deals and Thinking ‘Light’

December 28th, 2011

I ordered Everyday Food Magazine several years ago for mom and I loved it. She did too, but the subscription expired and life went on. Until today- when I had an email offering me a ‘deal’ to subscribe again, only this time with a bonus of free digital access (and a free grocery tote for mom).

I love a good deal and this allows me to gift the magazine to mom, (Surprise mom!) plus access it via the iPad for me. I see that as a WIN-WIN no matter how you slice, dice or chop it.

It is called the ‘light’ issue- which couldn’t be better. I’m planning on doing some ‘lightening up’ this coming year, not just on the scales but in many other aspects of life, including having a lighter load of toxicity. More on all that later.

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