Days Gone By

January 13th, 2014

I’m not someone who tends to spend her time looking back, but rather, I prefer to focus on the right now.  It’s all we really have- since we can talk about what the future is going to bring us all day long, but the reality is-   we never know what will happen.

I definitely do like to take a little trip down memory lane on occasion-  sometimes it’s to relive some great moments, and others it’s just to remind me of life lessons, or even how far we’ve come.

I was having one of those moments recently, when thinking about Marcel.    People who are close to us know that he’s been sick for quite some time, since not long before my parents came for their visit.  It’s been an ebb and flow of problems-  and finding the proper diagnosis hasn’t been easy, but we did finally get there.      On top of everything else that happened in ‘thirteen’, there were times when it all seemed too much, but looking back-  I think we both have realized with just how blessed we are with finding the proper diagnosis, plus having family and friends to rally around us and encourage us both when we needed it.

When I look back, it all seems like a memory to me- when I think about how far we’ve come.  We are both grateful for the journey, along with the lessons we’ve not only learned about ourselves, but others as well.

Two weeks in to this year, and so many wonderful things have already happened.   Beautiful moments, joy, blessings and abundance.    In spite of- or maybe even because of our trials, I don’t think we’ve ever been better, and right now-   this very moment, life is good.   After all, right now is all we really have.

2 Responses to “Days Gone By”

  1. Scott Park says:

    Spot on. Right now is ALL we can ever be sure of, so we’d better enjoy it while we can. My best to Marcel….hope he recovers soon. :)


  2. admin says:

    Thank you so much Scott- He is doing much better, but it has been a bumpy road for a little while.

    *hugs* to you and Kel!

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