Daydreaming of Luxury Vacation Rentals

March 15th, 2010

I don’t know if it’s because mom mentioned us all taking a trip to Florida when we come home this year for the holidays, or because in light of everything else that has been going on, but I have been dreaming of taking a vacation. I have a list about a mile long of places that I actually want to vacation to, but right now Florida luxury rentals are what I’ve been looking at. The fact that I’ve been looking at places in Florida is because of the possiblity that we’ll be going there as a family sometime this year, but also because it’s 40 degrees here and raining, and based on the number of times that I’ve been there, I know that Orlando has great weather, even this time of the year.

I know that when some people travel they like to go budget all the way, but I tend to feel the opposite. I’m actually not a fan of staying in hotels, but would prefer to stay in an environment that is more like home. Plus, since there will be 7 or more of us going to Florida if we make it, then I prefer to stay somewhere like Lakeside Villa which offers not only enough room for 12 of us, but also a spa and pool. The place is absoultely gorgeous, and if I have my say, we’ll either stay there, or at one of the Luxury Vacation Home which also happens to be very close to Disney. Since that’s where we’ll probably spend most of our time, I have a feeling that mom and dad will go for that one, and it also has a pool and 5 bedrooms. The great thing is, when you compare the prices of these luxury rentals to the price of a hotel room, you are getting SO much more for your money. I can’t imagine choosing less, when you can have so much more for the same price.

As I look out the window and see the rain falling, I can’t help but wish I was in sunny Florida right now.

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