Day 8- Photo 365

April 8th, 2011

Today- Marcel, Hein, Desere and I decided to make the most of the fabulous weather that we’re having and met at our favorite beach cafe for coffee.

The day couldn’t be more perfect, and I debated whether I’d share a picture of the blue skies and sand dunes, but in the end- this picture won out.    I found it quite ironic that this 55 gallon drum- which was probably once meant to be used as a garbage can and is now mostly buried in the sand- carries the message “Save the Beach”.  

After looking at it for a while, I have to wonder if someone put it there intentionally to serve as a sort of ‘beach art’.   I know-  sounds weird, but it’s entirely possible.    It was literally 10 feet from the beach entrance of our favorite beach cafe’, so it makes sense- at least somewhat.

What do you think?   Trash or Art?

One Response to “Day 8- Photo 365”

  1. maggie says:

    As I looked at the image and then read the branding, I was JUST asking myself the question “I wonder who put it there, and why?” when you purported the same thing. I believe ( or is it hope) it is art….. to galvanise ( pun intended) attention.

    It works.

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