Day 61- 100 Happy Days

February 1st, 2015

61Ahhh Mister M.   It’s hard to believe that he is going to turn 10 years old this year-     What a source of love and continued happiness he brings me, together with JJ-

Even after returning home from vacation-  after he got over being mad at me (which lasted about 6 hours) for leaving him-  he hasn’t left my side since.   He’s constantly near me, just like right now-  as I type this- he’s curled up beside me.   I love him so deeply, and so does everyone who spends time with him on a regular basis.


My FB post about this particular ‘happy’  –  My constant companion, Mister Mistoffelees. A constant source of joy and laughter. I love this four-legged member of our family.

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