Day 58- 100 Happy Days

January 30th, 2015


These sunflowers represent multi-layer happiness for me.

They are one of my favorite summer flowers, but these particular ones, I’ve grown from seeds- a gift from a friend.

Sunflowers- follow the sun. You can almost watch them move to feel the light on their ‘faces.

They are resilient. These beauties are planted in a burlap sack, so need constant (sometimes twice daily) water. I’ve returned home more than once from being away to find them wilted to nothing, or blown over and twisted- yet with a little water and a moment to stand them upright, within no time they bounce back and continue to thrive.

The plants have prospered and now they have gifted me their blossoms.

It’s a strong reminder to me that even though there are times when we may feel as though we have reached the end of our rope, or even that there is nothing left- that to push forward and not give up – is to learn, grow and ultimately thrive.

Don’t be afraid to let your own light shine.


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