Day 10 – Photo 365

April 10th, 2011

After a fairly busy morning of sleeping late and reading my Kindle in bed,  I decided after brunch to take a walk with my favorite guy and pup.   Since my favorite guy wanted to watch a soccer match, it only gave us an hour, so we headed out to the park by the castle.   5.14 km and 50 minutes later, we arrived home.   Well, I take that back.  Marcel and JJ arrived home before me, since I wanted to make sure that I completed the 5k – so I continued the walk and they came home.   It only added about 3 minutes to my time, but I wanted to complete the goal. 

After drinking several glasses of water, I decided to spend some more time outside enjoying this fabulous weather we’ve been given, by writing a letter to a friend.   That was the inspiration for today’s photo.   I took several shots, but this was the one that I liked the best.   

Once I finished with the ‘picture taking’, I went back to the letter and spent about an hour catching up with a dear friend, as though she was sitting in the chair beside me and enjoying a cup of coffee with me. 

After today- I won’t be adding daily entries with the pictures, but instead, will share the ‘week at a glance’ by adding the pictures from the entire week on Sunday.   So if you’re following the ‘photo 365’ here-   be sure to check back next Sunday- and feel free to stop in any other time along the way.

Several other friends of mine are participating in this project and I always enjoy seeing what people choose to photograph.  If you are participating- let me know so I can ‘check out’ your pictures as well.

4 Responses to “Day 10 – Photo 365”

  1. Scott Park says:

    “…. so we headed out to the park by the castle”

    How cool is that? A genuine castle right in your own neighborhood. Everything here where I live is new, which does have its advantages, but there is absolutely no character in “new”.

    I envy you…in a good way, of course. :)


  2. Michael says:

    You have very girly handwriting.

  3. admin says:

    It is a very cool castle too Scott- The upstairs levels of it are used as a hostel for people visiting and the downstairs is used for various parties and such. Marcel and I went to a party there several years ago. I’d love to have a party there myself. They have a courtyard in the middle of the grounds that is awesome. I need to go there with my camera.

    You should come check out some of the buildings- I have to say that they are amazing..

    It could be a second honeymooon for you and Kel :)

    hehe M. I would hope- I’m girly :)

  4. Heather says:

    Love this one! :)

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