Cowhide Rugs Add Beauty to Any Room

February 20th, 2017

A natural cowhide rug is the perfect investment for someone who likes to constantly change their home decor. The rugs come in natural, neutral colors, which makes them blend seamlessly with almost any decor. However, it’s amazing the amount of variation that’s available when searching for the perfect hide. You could choose one in solid black or white to accompany modern decor, or choose something with a lot of spots or variation for a more eclectic style. Color choices often include white, black, grey, and a variety of shades of brown and taupe.

The texture of cow rugs can also vary wildly from hide to hide. For this reason, it’s ideal to be able to choose a hide to purchase in person. That way, you can touch each of the different hides and choose one that has both the look and feel that you’re looking for. Some are soft and fuzzy, while others have a coarser texture. There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing the perfect hide to use as a rug. It all depends on personal preference.

Once you have your cowhide rug at home, you’ll be impressed by the durability of the hide on the floor. The natural material stands up well to wear and tear – even with kids and pets around. The hides also layer well with other rugs. If your hide isn’t the right size to anchor the room or if you want another pop of color, just throw the hide over another rug. Hides are also easy to maintain – when they need to be cleaned, they can be vacuumed just like a regular rug. Because they’re so durable, cow rugs make a classic statement piece that you can continue to incorporate into your decor for many years, even as other styles are changing.

For allergy sufferers, it’s also important to know that cowhide rugs are hypoallergenic. This is especially important if you have children that have allergies or like to host people at your home for events. You want your guests to be comfortable in your home and not have to worry that they are suffering from allergies due to your rug or other decor.

Cowhide rugs come in so many different sizes, textures and colors that there is bound to be the perfect rug for any room in your home. They look fabulous in dens, living rooms, offices and bedrooms. No matter what your personal decorating style, there is a hide rug that will please you. If you take the time to pick the perfect style for your home, it’s worth the effort – you’ll never tire of hearing the compliments that are sure to come pouring in.

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