Counting Down- *sigh*

January 7th, 2011

I’ve been attempting to be in denial about the fact that we have less than two weeks left of our vacation.  13 days from today we’ll leave (unless of course there is a snow storm and we are stranded here- not that I’d mind) heading home.   In some ways I’ll be happy to get home-   I miss Mister M, JJ and my friends there, but in other ways it’s going to be harder to leave here than ever.

When Samantha and I went for sushi the other night-  she and I were talking about how it gets harder to leave each time we come home-   she’s right.   If I thought it would do any good- I’d toss myself onto the ground, kick and scream and refuse to go.   I guess that isn’t an option though.   I’m trying not to think about that, but I will probablly pick up two boxes today from the moving store so we can take them back with us.  Since we have to pay for additional luggage, we only brought what we were allowed coming and will pay for extra going back.  I just pray that two will be enough.

In the the meantime- we still have a lot of fun to have with some great people.

2 Responses to “Counting Down- *sigh*”

  1. mub says:

    I’m totally for laying on the ground and kicking and screaming ;)

  2. admin says:

    LOL if only it would make a difference.

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