Common Ground

January 17th, 2011

One thing that I’ve noticed this trip more than other trips that Marcel and I have made home is that he is feeling more comfortable around mom and diddy. I’m not sure that comfortable is the right word since he’s felt comfortable around them, but I’ve noticed this trip that he has felt more comfortable joking with diddy than he has before. I’ve also noticed that he and diddy have also joined forces and have been teasing me almost endlessly at times, especially when it comes to television shows.

It seems like every show I don’t care for- such as Walker, Texas Ranger, anything James Bond, or Fear Factor, they both want to watch whenever they get the chance. Several nights ago they were watching Fear Factor and it didn’t matter how much I pleaded with them to change the channel they weren’t having any part of it. After they stopped eating bugs I decided to watch when they had a challenge that involved water and the first thing I noticed was how skimpy (and I do mean skimpy) the bathing suits were. It would pretty much go without saying that those girls are no stranger to Brazilian Waxing because they looked perfect. Needless to say- I didn’t get diddy and Marcel to change the channel until Fear Factor was almost over, which also happened to be about the time I stopped paying any attention and pulled out my Kindle. Of course, that goes to show that they weren’t watching it, they were just having a blast teasing me.

It does my heart good to see Marcel having fun with diddy. He lost his own dad years ago and it’s good that he has a father figure in his life. I’ve even noticed that he calls him dad and that makes me smile. Now if I can only get him to move here, life will be even better.

One Response to “Common Ground”

  1. maggie says:

    I am thrilled Marcel and your parents are getting on well and Marcel is settling into the family in such a comfortable way. I have my fingers crossed as to that last item ( on your wish list)

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