May 21st, 2009

One of these has been added to my favorite coffee list. I picked up the beans last week when I was out shopping with friends.

Who would like to come over and have a cup?

2 Responses to “Coffeeeeee”

  1. itty bitty Dutch girls says:

    I am trying to examine the brand but I don’t think it means much except I want to know what you got, and to know is to see what you have But I would willingly have a cup with you any day I can and Coud a shoud a and wood if Possible to be there with You and Have some with hyou

  2. itty bitty Dutch girls says:

    I surely want two cups of coffee, Koffee and thee in each case, and Both Alta Paz Veramente and Kona indeed are My Pleasure to have with You so I would basely say, I love the very thought to have koffee and thee with thee indeed in thee morning indeed, such a favor and Blessing would if shown me is appreciated deeply indeed if allowed and provided, glad would cooperatively drink with you with pleasure, amen,

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