Choosing Your Focus 

March 11th, 2015

To know me is to know that I am always thinking about ‘something’- things that challenge me and cause me to pause and evaluate how I can continue to learn and grow as a person.  

Yesterday that thought process led me to the following post I made on Facebook (which I made public), but I also feel led to share it here in hopes it will offer a source of inspiration to another.  

If we focus on the love in our lives, we will see it in even the tiniest of moments- as well as with joy and gratitude.

On the flip side of that coin- if we live and focus on fear, we will become fearful, including in our relationships.  The same can be said with bitterness, negativity and so forth.  

In the garden of life- what we ‘water’ and nurture WILL take seed and grow.  The plus side to this is its up to US what we choose, and it’s never too late to change the seeds we choose to water.  

What seeds are you growing?  Love, Joy, Gratitude, and Abundance- or fear, anger, insecurities and frustration?

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