Celebrating the 40’s Club

May 25th, 2014

This weekend, a friend who lives in another town celebrated her 40th birthday.     She was dreading the big ‘4-0’ at first, but I believe after talking to some of us who had been a part of this exclusive ‘time sensitive’ club, she felt a little more at ease into slipping into those glorious forties.      She’s a beautiful spirited person, so it was wonderful to meet her parents, plus see her surrounded and shining bright in the company of those who mean so much to her.

She was a wonderful hostess, making sure that everyone was taken care of, and that we all had plenty of food.   All-in-all a glorious day to celebrate, and I was honored to be a part of the celebration.

As someone who is inching towards tapping on the 50’s club in a few-short years, I find myself really thinking about what these years in the 40’s have meant to me.   The last 7 years have been filled with so much amazement and growth.   I’ve learned a lot about myself, but also- about others as well.    Being an empathy, my emotions have become higher and I’ve become more sensitive than ever about the things going on around me, but at the same time-  life lessons have taught me how to remove myself from toxicity, because it is poison to my soul, and keeps me from being the best me that I am continually striving to be.  (I know I’ll never ‘get there’, simply because there’s always something to learn, and always more growth to be doing.)

The lessons have taught me to be aware when something is nibbling away at my gut instinct, because there is always a reason, and I’m listening.   Sometimes listening means ‘be still’, when other times it means it’s time to let go of something.  Ignoring is no longer an option-   something that I’ve learned in these glorious years.    Ignoring what my gut tells me now is only asking for problems later.    Plus those days of waiting til I get hit in the head with the proverbial brick to ‘get it’ are over.    I hear the whisper in my soul- and I listen.

This year-  I’ve become aware at just how fragile life is, and that sometimes, beauty blooms from tragedy.   But it is a constant reminder to me- that to focus on anything other than what is best for living the life that is best for me- is a waste.    I may not have tomorrow, and you may not either.     Embrace what matters, and let go of what doesn’t-  and if you really stop and search the recesses of your soul- you’ll find that some of those ‘big things’  aren’t so big after all in the grand scheme of life.

Those people you’ve been ‘thinking’ about contacting?   They may not be here tomorrow, and is that reason you haven’t reached out- that important?     Think about it-   look into your soul and act accordingly. The clock is ticking.

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