Buzzing By

April 12th, 2013

In spite of having a really good schedule going on that’s keeping me up-to-date and even ahead with work, my social life- including my online presence has been lacking (with the exception of Facebook and Twitter). This week has been one of constant going here and there- and it has paid off in spades. The event I was a part of earlier in the week went really well and it looks promising for even more opportunities coming my way.

The temps continue to every so slowwwwly rise- and in spite of the rain over the past couple of days, the coming week promises sunshine and REAL Spring temperatures- actually in the upper 50’s to lower 60’s. Combine that with some sunshine and you’ve got a recipe for perfect weather!

In other news- in spite of all the great things happening around here- I’m also working on adding more time into the scheduled programming for blogging and other things. Marcel finished his month long school today and that means next week he’s back to his regular work schedule- which also means I’m back on my somewhat regular schedule.

I have so much to tell- but right now I’m being paged to watch Duck Dynasty and there’s no way I’m about to miss that little dose of sunshine and family fun!

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