Boys and their Toys

March 12th, 2011

It was such great weather yesterday that we decided that in spite of the chilly temps that we would take JJ to the beach for a little exercise.  Granted, I knew that I could use some exercise myself, so I knew that the little jaunt to the beach would serve multiple purposes-  I’d get some much needed sunshine and Vitamin D, plus I’d get some exercise, and so would Marcel and JJ. 

JJ was already in an overly excited mood because my mother-in-law  bought him a new ball yesterday.  Ironically, Marcel and I had just talked about getting him a new one (because his second soccer ball squeaky toy had seen better days and was pretty much on its last leg), when Marcel ran into his mom and she had the ball for JJ.    He loved it, as you can see in the picture.

He insisted that he be able to bring his ball along with him to the beach, but since he isn’t the ‘boss’ around here- we didn’t give in.   He knows that getting in the car means going somewhere fun (most of the time),  so he’s always happy to go for a ride.  

He ran and played with the frisbee.  Marcel got a little frustrated that he wouldn’t bring the frisbee back to us and kept running around; I figured that he was having fun and wasn’t bothering anyone, so we let him do his thing.  

Usually when we get home he’s exhausted and falls asleep, but not when he has a new ball to play with.   He carries it with him everywhere and talks to it as though it will answer back.  It’s quite cute, really.

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