Being Conscious

November 29th, 2009

I’m sitting here staring at a stack of dishes, and thinking about the Bible Study lesson for this week that I need to start on and wonder which one I’ll begin with first. Something tells me I’ll do Bible Study first and then the dishes, although I probably won’t really know for sure until I put the computer down and actually begin doing it.

I skipped Sunday dinner this week at my mother in laws, and Marcel was gracious enough to bring me a plate that I’ve already eaten. I also finished two small clementines, each one about the size of a golf ball. Don’t be fooled by the size though, the flavor was fantastic.

I ate quite a bit this weekend. I cooked a small Thanksgiving dinner for Marcel and I on Thursday, but on the whole, those small things weren’t healthy. I had a carb overload on both nights with both mashed potatoes AND sweet potatoes, so there won’t be any potatoes for me anytime in the near future. I ate some chocolate cake, and more than my fair share of the apple crisp that I made for Thanksgiving desert, that Marcel has claimed is better than ‘appel taart’.

I had been ‘talking’ about finding the time to start my work out routine again, and today I put my money where my mouth is and I started working out again. The elliptical was not overly kind to me, but at least I managed a work out. I can tell I’ve abandoned it for a while. I’ve got to reach my goal weight, and I know this is the only way.

I’ve also been pretty unconscious about what I’ve been eating, so it’s time to start paying closer attention and making the proper choices. After all, if I don’t, I have no one to blame but ME. I’ve been allowing a few outside influences determine a few things, but that is no more- lets see where it takes me.

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