Because We ALL Matter

February 17th, 2017

A while back I made a decision to delete the Facebook app from my iPhone, which eventually was followed by me deleting it from my iPad.    I kept the messenger app, plus I also kept the business app, but aside from that-  it’s all gone from my ‘devices’.    I still pop in on occasion from the laptop, but the negativity and mean-spiritedness was keeping me up at night.  The divisivness- the name calling-  all things I couldn’t wrap my head around.

Some people have noticed and others haven’t.  I’m perfectly OK with both.      I’m someone who can overlook a lot of things-    when something becomes too much- the unfollow button works wonders, but it became to be ‘too much’.       I don’t agree with A LOT of things I see, read, hear- but I am also open minded enough to know that my thoughts are based on my view to the world.  It’s different than yours, yours or even yours.  That’s how it’s supposed to be.   We are individuals- not cookie-cutter or Stepford versions of each other.

What I DO have, regardless of whether I agree with someone or not-  is respect.   Even when someone is responding to something in hate-    it doesn’t give me (or anyone) a ‘free pass’ to reciprocate with the same.   It fuels the fire.  It ignites more division, it perpetuates more division, more anger, more of the things that I have no intent or desire to feed.

In the March issue of “O Magazine”   Oprah sat down and had a real talk with women.  Women on both sides of the political lines to discuss what’s happening in the United States, to try to understand.    They were different, but at the core they are the same-  as are so many of us.     The things that bind us are far greater than those that divide us.

We need more respectful conversations.    Real, open, authentic conversations-   it’s only then when we will be able to begin to understand and heal.

To the surprise of many-  I don’t watch the news.  I don’t read the news.    I’m extremely selective of what I allow into my grey matter.   For some it seems crazy, but to me it works.    It keeps me from drinking the crazy Kool Aid that seems to be floating around- be it from fear or all the uncertainties.       I don’t believe the media-  any of it.

We all have the ability to be kind.   To show compassion and grace- to not join in the fear mongoring- spewing the rhetoric that the media produces-  but rather, to show love-  to agree to disagree-   to have honest conversations where we respect and care for each other- if for nothing more because we are all human beings and we ALL matter.

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