BBQ Turkey

January 31st, 2014

It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, preferably the Sweet and Spicy, but pretty much any will do.    I try to keep at least two bottles on hand at all times, and we use the BBQ sauce on everything from hamburgers, to casseroles (don’t knock it til you try it.)

Since we are going away to our now coined-  house in the North, I’ve been trying to come up with some easy-peasy dishes that I can make ahead for us to have for dinner.   A huge pot of mushroom soup will be a meal for two days.   In this cold weather, it will be the perfect evening comfort food.   That will account for two nights, and a close friend has invited us for dinner another night, so that left one night.     The thought did cross my mind to just go out, but I really love this house so much, that we tend to stay in when the sun starts to sink beyond the lake near where the house is suited.

So, I went digging through the freezers, and came up with a boneless-skinless turkey breast.   Then I thought about the bottle of Sweet Baby Rays in the fridge, and I knew what to do.    I took the frozen turkey breast-   put it in the Crock Pot with a tiny bit of water, onions and spices and turned that baby on high.     Several hours later, I opened the lid of the Crock Pot and the turkey was tender and ready to be ‘shredded’.    I drained most of the broth, plus removed most of the onions,   removed the turkey-  chopped and shredded it, then added it back to the Crock Pot.    Poured the Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce on top, stirred and returned the lid to the Crock Pot, where it’s now simmering and allowing the BBQ sauce to cook into the meat a little.     The smell wafting through the house right now is out of this world.

There’s plenty for us to take with us, and also enough for me to pop in the freezer for another meal.    Simple, yet also delicious, and healthy.

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