Bad- Bad- Doggie

May 8th, 2012

Marcel and I went grocery shopping today and four different grocery stores had products on sale that I REALLY needed- so rather than my one or two grocery store shopping- it turned out to be four.  You know how it goes-   chicken breast filets here, broccoli there… and on it goes..

Well, the old saying that we shouldn’t grocery shop when hungry definitely held true today because I wanted to buy everything but the kitchen sink.   Granted- it was good-for-me things, but I still bought a lot of fresh veggies and fruits.    This is good right?  Right!

The only problem was- I ran out of fridge space after piling in the milk, yogurt etc..    and there was no room left for the three heads of broccoli.  I decided that since it was cool in the house- I would just set them on the little table in the kitchen and make space later.

Fast forward 30 minutes later.  I was busy and heard JJ in the kitchen, but it isn’t unusual for him to take his bone to the kitchen rug and lie there and munch on it.   That’s what I ‘thought’ he was doing.    I looked and there he was- in the middle of the floor with a head of broccoli!! He was eating it!     Apparently when I stacked them on top of each other, at some point, one rolled on to the floor-  so he proceeded to rip the plastic from one end and start chewing on it.     I couldn’t believe it!   On top of that-  when Marcel took it away from him- he kept jumping at Marcel as though he was trying to jump for the broccoli-   Yes indeed, that dog is doggone crazy. haha..

Luckily the rest of the broccoli was still covered with plastic and it was ok- but I’m still thinking that I may cook that entire head tomorrow and it will be his dinner.  Obviously, like me, he has an affection for broccoli

2 Responses to “Bad- Bad- Doggie”

  1. Scott Park says:

    Considering my aversion to many veggies it’s odd that I like broccoli, but I do. Too much, however, does unpleasant things. Hope JJ can tolerate it.


  2. Maggie says:

    JJ appears to want his cruciferous fix. I mean if YOU like it, it MUST be good.

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