Avoiding the Oink and Other Flu This Season

October 25th, 2009

I believe it was several days ago (or maybe longer since the days seem to be running in to each other) I read an article about how to avoid getting the flu this season. I can’t remember where I read it, but I do remember most of the things it said, so I wanted to share them with y’all.

First, I’d love to know how many of y’all are getting the ‘Oink’ (otherwise known as H1N1) flu shot? Are you getting any flu shot? There’s no particular reason for the questions, other than me being curious.

I am not getting the flu shot or the ‘Oink’ flu shot. I’ve never had a flu shot, and even though I know so many people who get it (including my parents, mother-in-law and Desere), I’m just not real keen on someone giving me some unknown ‘stuff’ to help keep me from getting the flu or to help make the symptoms less severe. I know, it’s probably a littlle silly of me, but I’ll take my chances and pray I don’t get it.

Now- the first thing to do to avoid getting the flu this season is:

Wash your hands frequently-   I know, that should be a no-brainer anytime, but I think we would be surprised at the people who don’t wash their hands as often as they should.   Flu and other bacterias are on  bathroom door handles (including your own) , sink knobs, money, shopping carts, and the list goes on.    If you wash your hands after going to the restroom somewhere and then grab the door handle before you go out, you’ve possibly just added some more germs back to your hands.     To help keep your hands clean, carry antibacterial gel with you.   It’s inexpensive and easy to use at any place and time.

Move-  By move- I mean get enough exercise.   I know, it may sound odd that exercise plays a part in keeping you healthy, but trust me when I say it does.   So make sure that you get your exercise in daily.  It will help keep your body strong, plus it will help you from gaining any  holiday poundage.

Eat your fruits and veggies-  Make sure that your body gets plenty of Vitamin B, A, C, D and E.  These will help keep the immune system functioning properly which can help us fight off any nasty bugs that we may encounter.  They are also good for us.    If you don’t feel that you are getting enough in your daily food consumption, try taking a multi-vitamin.   Something you may want to consider if you are taking a muliti-vitamin that you take once a day is splitting it in half and taking half in the morning and the other half in the evening.    The reason for this is that our bodies aren’t going to absorb all of the vitamins and minerals at once- they’ll only absorb what we need and we’ll get rid of the rest, so this divides things up a bit and allows our bodies to really soak up what it needs.     Oh, and remember sunshine is a great source of Vitamin D. 

Get Plenty of Rest and Avoid Stress–  Again, these may not seem like things that will play a part in whether you contract the flu or not, but not getting enough rest and having too much stress can have an adverse effect on the body, causing our immune system to spiral downward making us more succeptable to the flu and other illness.  

Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough-   Remember germs can be airborne, so make sure that you do like your mom always said, and cover your mouth when you sneeze.

These tips for an ‘Oink-free’ flu season have been brought to you by none other than moi’.

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