As the Celebration Month Comes to a Close

July 29th, 2015

As my celebration month draws to a close, my celebration of my life- and in general does not. Currently, I find myself nursing a little stomach bug that I picked up along the way, but grateful that 1- I have a relaxing week planned, and 2- that it isn’t much worse than the continual tiredness and lack of appetite I have at the moment. My body is speaking to my through those symptoms and I’m listening.

This month has been filled with so much joy, adventure and fun. I’ve tried new things, made a new guy-friend, taken long chatty walks with friends on the beach and other locations, taken a few road trips, catered a High Tea, bought some gorgeous new dishes, and felt the love from family and friends as they celebrated with me.

Turning 48 has been another life blessing. I made plans with my BFF to spend my 50th in London with her, exploring musicals, the latest hot spots and all that life has to offer. It’s something to look forward to, but right now there’s so much life to live between now and then.

As I enter into the 49th year of my existence on this planet, I am filled with joy. I see life with all the amazing opportunities that each day offers me. I’m blessed in every aspect of the way. Is my life perfect and without struggle? Of course not. If I said that I’d be deluding myself and you. What it is- is blessed. I’m surrounded with an amazing group of family and friends who encourage, inspire and challenge me regularly. I’m grateful for each and every one of them, as I’m grateful for each new day and the clean slate of potential and possibilities.

This month I may have celebrated my birthday ‘month’ but every day I celebrate life!

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