A Day Late

June 11th, 2010

Since I’m a little behind on things here, I though I’d share with y’all a little about my day yesterday.     My friend Bobbi is leaving on Tuesday to visit her family for six weeks, so she invited me to come over for lunch.   Originally, she and her little boy Luca were supposed to come over here, but when Marcel got sick, she didn’t want to run the risk of getting sick and I didn’t blame her.  

We spent several hours catching up, even though I’d only seen her two days before at the Bible Study brunch.  She made a fabulous salad with feta, apples, candied walnuts and greens.    She baked some mini whole-grain french loaves to go along with it and we were set.   

Because she’s going to be gone on my birthday, she decided to give me my birthday present early.     She gave me a really cute Hello Kitty card with some really sweet and also funny words (she’s always teasing me and being mean to me, so she made a few comments on how she almost bought me a cane), plus she gave me a VERY COOL Tupperware silicone mini-tart / quiche pan with a cutter that will cut out perfect sizes for the pan.   I absolutely love it and have been thinking about what I can make this weekend to put in it.   Once I make something, I’ll be sure to share a few pictures.  

Oh and speaking of pictures-  Don’t forget 5 O’ Clock Friday’s today.    I’ll share mine once 5 O’ clock rolls around and I get out and take a picture of something that is yet to be determined.   I also have a collection to share that a friend sent earlier in the week from several Friday’s.  I was going to do them earlier in the week but decided to wait until today.

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