Knife Shopping

February 25th, 2016

Earlier this week I found myself bitten by the flu bug.    I had prided myself on not getting sick all winter long, and BOOM-   I started feeling a little blah Sunday evening and by Monday it had hit full on.   The result is a forced ‘slow-down’ and four days spent mostly in bed, with the exception of making myself a huge pot of chicken soup that we could eat for several days.

Since I’m not one to sleep during the day, that has meant much time to browse websites, scour Pinterest and Facebook, plan trips, do some online ordering, plus do some research on chef knives.

I have knives– I married into these particular knives, and I like them Ok.   They are Henckels, and haven’t failed me, but as I’ve continued to learn and grow in my foodie life- I’ve wanted to expand my knife horizons.   I’ve browsed quite a few top cooking stores in our area, held a few-  some which felt great in my hand, and others not-so-much.    I realized just how much of a personal journey finding a knife is, but I’m also curious what others like and why.

Being sick allowed me to do some browsing for that particular subject-  something that had I not been under the weather- would have probably kept flying under the radar in the recesses of my mind on the ‘when I think about it’  list.

I’ve become very interested in the Wusthof 7-inch, and while it isn’t the ‘best’ out there, I do think it’s a good starting knife for me.   Has anyone used the Wusthof brand?  If so- what are your thoughts on it?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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