5 O’ Clock Friday’s

June 10th, 2011

I actually took this picture a little early this week- partly because I was busy and partly because I wasn’t sure when I would get another chance to take a picture of JJ sporting his new ‘necklace’, so I grabbed the chance.

Most of you know that JJ is a male dog and when male dogs don’t have the chance to breed- they are probably very much like men- they get ‘frustrated’.    JJ has been having a little hormonal frustration for a while-but it really got out of hand earlier this week when he realized that a neighbors dog was in heat-   Poor guy literally went into hormonal overdrive and Mister M. and my leg were victims of this frustration.       I felt bad for him and so did Marcel.  We agree to have him ‘fixed’ today- and the cone is to keep him from licking the wound. 

He’s still a little out of it- but I’m sure he’ll be fine in no time.   In the meantime- we have to keep a very high-energy dog on a low energy level for the next week to ten days-   That should be an adventure.

4 Responses to “5 O’ Clock Friday’s”

  1. Scott Park says:

    Poor little guy. JJ thought you said he was going to get “tutored”. BIG difference. ;)


  2. Maggie says:

    The Elisabethan collar is quite effective. Even a little poorly he emotes energy….

  3. admin says:

    hehe Scott- Yes HUGE difference. :)

  4. admin says:

    It is keeping him from licking where he shouldn’t but he surprises me with his energy in spite of surgery and medications.

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