I Love a Good Sale

March 31st, 2011

Marcel and I were walking through the city streets last night (headed back to the train station) when I came across this sign above a store.   The store was a mish-mash of inexpensive trinkets, none of which interested me, but the sign- well was a different story.  I walked past it, commenting on how cute I thought it was, and then decided to go back and take a quick shot with my ‘eye’ (iPhone) camera.   After running it through several applications-including a little cropping action- the result is what you see.

I think most of us who really ‘love’ shopping can appreciate this sign, because while shopping is great- there is something almost intoxicating about finding a good great deal.  Wouldn’t you agree?    I thought you would.

Even while shopping online- before checking out, I always make it a habit of first doing a quick Google search for coupon codes for that particular shop.   More often than not- I end up finding something that will work.   

Last week I ordered a couple of cards to be mailed from Hallmark and had just entered my credit card information when I thought to myself that I should first do a quick search.   I almost didn’t do it- because I figured that there probably wasn’t anything going on that wasn’t on the site- but I’m glad I took the extra few seconds.   I found a site that had a code for 30% off, and wouldn’ t you know-  it worked!   

While typing this Marcel and I have discovered that our washing machine is having a few ‘issues’.  I’m hoping that that it’s something simple, otherwise I may be looking for a ‘sale’ on washing machines.   We’re trying another load of wash and if we still get an error message at the end of the cycle- then it looks like Marcel’s going to have a look and possibly call a repairman!

2 Responses to “I Love a Good Sale”

  1. Bobby says:

    I love a good sale too. I have in my hot little hands a list of 2 million dollars worth of collectors guitars that are going on absolute auction this April in the little town of Washington NC.

    He went bankrupt and they seized his stash!!!

    Anyhow, I’m going shopping!!!

  2. admin says:

    Ooh Bobby- I know you’re loving that- I know how much you love guitars, so I hope you can grab one for a great price!! Woohoo!

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