A Different Sort of Pizza

March 29th, 2011

  To your left- you’ll see a picture of tonight’s dinner.    It looks like your ordinary pizza, but I can assure you- it’s anything but.   Last week, my really great friend Kimmie gave me a recipe for some zucchini pizza dough.   I had something similar last year, but this was a little different so I thought I’d give it a try.

I wasn’t sure when, but as I was walking through the grocery store earlier today, in an effort to come up with something ‘easy’ for dinner-  this came to mind.   I had two zucchini’s in the fridge at home, so I thought I’d use those.   Kimmie made a BBQ pizza and I decided I would do something similar.

I bought a smoked chicken breast- that I thinly sliced and diced into smaller pieces.    I then sautee’d two purple onions, a bell pepper and some mushrooms in a little bit of grapeseed oil.      Once the crust was baked- I added some smoked BBQ sauce, the smoked chicken, the veggies and then some low-fat cheese on top.     It went back into the oven and the picture was the result.

Marcel and I both loved it-   I love pizza anyway- but Marcel is not a huge pizza fan, so the fact that he loved it and said I should make it regularly was something big.    I thought it was that great.  We had one large piece over and it was extremely filling- not to mention healthy.

I’m going to try it with different toppings, but right now I can’t imagine anything being better than the BBQ.

3 Responses to “A Different Sort of Pizza”

  1. Tammy says:

    I should try it with the zucchini. I’ve made cauliflower pizza a few times now with varying results. It’s quite difficult to get it not to be soggy :/ Did you have any of that with the zucchini?

  2. carol says:

    that looks delish, lori!!! the zucchini pizza dough sounds tantalizing too… ;-)

  3. admin says:

    Tammy- I really liked it- I can send you the recipe- but it does have a little flour in it- I had a recipe before that didn’t and it was good but I like this even better.

    It was a tiny bit soggy in the middle, but I really squeezed and squeezed the water out of it and let it drain on kitchen towels. I think a little more ‘squeezing’ and it would have been perfect.

    Carol- I’m happy to send you the recipe- It’s really really good. It calls for italian seasonings, which I love with zucchini but since I was making it BBQ- I decided to put chives and such as opposed to the italian. If I make it without BBQ and with regular sauce, I’ll definitely use the italian herbs.

    I greased the pan with grapeseed oil, but you could use olive, or any type really.

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