5 O’ Clock Friday’s has Returned!

February 4th, 2011

The weather here in the land of Never isn’t exactly what I’d call good- and since I was busy when 5 rolled around, I decided to take an iPhone picture of the first thing that crossed my path.   That happened to be the Live, Love, Laugh sign that I have sitting on top of my entertainment center at the moment.  

It was a gift from Marcel this past Christmas and it is yet to find a place to hang in our home, but mostly because we haven’t taken the time to do so.   It is a reminder that we should all take the time in our lives to love and laugh- after all there isn’t enough of that going on in the world.

I hope that you will join me this week and in the weeks to come now that 5 O’ Clock Friday’s has returned.   Send me your picture to lori in care of this site (simplywizardress.com) or post it on your blog (and let me know about it) so I can either share the picture here, or link to your post.   

It can be anything that you encounter around the 5 am or pm time frame.   Look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with- and in the meantime- have a great weekend!

3 Responses to “5 O’ Clock Friday’s has Returned!”

  1. Sunny says:

    Hi Lori !!! Wowee, what perfect timing ~ have been saving something for this Friday Five O’clock Fridays !

    Okay I’m going now and send it to your address for here, so you can see it before you go to sleep.

    It’s 2:48p.m. here now. BRB in a couple minutes. *hugs*

  2. Sunny says:

    Good morning ~ and HAPPY SATURDAY !!!

    I’m sorry ~ was so excited that I looked at your beautiful photo gift from Marcel and did’nt even comment on it…..

    It’s a sweet sign and nice of him…I have one similar to your’s hanging on my wall….. I love it ! Thankyou again :)

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