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On Living

January 14th, 2018

I bet y’all thought this space had become a ghost town didn’t you?    I guess you could say that it did for a while-   Like so many of us, I had to prioritize how I spent my time and if you know me in my real life at all then you know that I tend to fly by the seat of my pants most of the time- and my best intentions sometimes fall to the wayside.

I wanted to write- and even had MUCH to say, but rather than write- I spent most of my time living and thinking I would write later-   but as with so many things-  ‘later’ never arrived, until now.

In the months that have passed since I last darkened the cyber halls of this page- so much has happened.

I have met my sweet Australian friend Maggie- whom I’ve known from the original blog days- back before blogging was a thing.

My parents spent Christmas with us and we did some traveling.

I’ve had other adventures with friends and family, but mostly I’ve been thinking about how to best utilize my time in a world where I’m constantly being distracted.

Oh-   I also was bit by a cat, which resulted in the first tetanus shot in more years than I can count and a round of antibiotics (no, it wasn’t Mister M.) and no I didn’t learn my lesson with petting strange cats.  She was in heat- and I think she became spooked or over stimulated as she didn’t give me any of the cat warning signs.

I also invested in an Apple Watch which has made me oh so accountable to those little colored circles- and meeting my goals daily-  albeit not always a huge goal- but at least the base goals-   something I can do even when I am sick- which I have also done since I’ve had a cold this past week.

I have so much to share-   but right now I want you to know that I’m back and doing well-    Life continues to be one big blessing-  and I am learning daily-    Now lets see if I can’t get this place dusted off and start sharing again.   You will definitely see more of me-   and if you’ve stuck around all these years-  Thanks ;)

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