100 Happy Days- Day 18

July 10th, 2014

18In an effort to slowly get caught up with the 100 Happy Days photos that I’ve been posting on Facebook, I’m sharing a few at a time when I get the chance to get on the computer to blog-    I probably should attempt to do it from the WordPress app on my iPhone- but I actually didn’t think about that until I was typing this-    (note to self-  Try that tomorrow)

Day 18 was a blissfully happy moment of sitting outside with my feet propped up after a really busy and productive day.  I made myself a chai tea latte- and it was a moment of pure bliss.    It’s the little things that often add up to be big things.

So take a moment in your day and just – press pause and fully savor the moment. No distractions, nothing but you and a little solitude.   It’s priceless.

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