10 Healthiest Foods You’ve Never Tried.

March 18th, 2009

I was reading an article I received from Spark People about the 10 Healthiest Foods You’ve Never Tried. The title alone peaked my curiosity- one because I consider myself to make healthy choices in terms of food, and secondly, because I tend to be willing to try most things at least once. I wanted to know if I’d tried any or all of the items listed, and surprisingly, not only had I tried some of them, some of them are on my list of ‘favorites’ in terms of foods.


I know, I know- your curiosity is about to get the best of you. You’re dying to know aren’t you? Don’t worry, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer-


10 Healthiest Foods You’ve Never Tried (or have you?)


  • Kiwi (Just scoop fresh from the skin- or peel and add to salads)
  • -Broccoli rabe (sauté with olive oil, garlic and lemon)
  • Brazil nuts (munch on a couple)
  • Edamame (steam in the pod and sprinkle with salt)
  • -Red lentils (cook lentils, then substitute them for chickpeas in hummus)
  • Quinoa (use instead of brown rice)
  • Canned salmon (throw on salads or in pasta sauces)
  • Prawns (shrimp) (stir fry with vegetables and serve with brown rice)
  • Whole grain and multigrain pastas (swap these for all your white pasta)
  • Pomegranate (toss the seeds on salads or mix them with yogurt)


    The ones highlighted in bold I’ve tried, which is everything other than Broccoli Rabe and Red Lentils- both of which I have intentions of buying and trying within the next couple of weeks. Edamame is actually one of my favorites ever (It’s soybeans in the shell), and can be found in the freezer section at most local grocery stores. As healthy and low-calorie as shrimp/prawns are, remember that they are high in cholesterol, so don’t eat them if you have a cholesterol test in the next week.


    So how many of this list of “SUPERFOODS” have you tried?

    2 Responses to “10 Healthiest Foods You’ve Never Tried.”

    1. […] Go here to see the original: 10 Healthiest Foods You’ve Never Tried. […]

    2. Sammi says:

      OOO! I’ve tried (and like) them all!
      I echo your earlier sentiments about mmmmm edamame… :)

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